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Eco-living is for everyone

Welcome to Hunnies very first blog post. Here at the Hive we thought it only fitting to talk about eco-friendly living, the products that can help and also.... the guilt! Bare with us on this one ....


We are all acutely aware of the rise in awareness of single-use plastic following the BBC programme Blue Planet, which showcased the devastation plastic was having on our planet earth. Families woke up and began to, thankfully, recognise how their everyday decisions have an impact on nature. Many felt a new-found sense of responsibility to protect and look after the only planet we have. 


This collective realisation elevated words like zero-waste, environmentally friendly & sustainable living into everyday conversation and as a result the products in which to help us achieve this new lifestyle flooded through to help ease each of us into this new world. Coffee shops began to stock or actively encourage reusable cups, restaurants swapped plastic straws for paper or pasta and businesses all began to look at ways in which they could tell consumers they their product was the right sustainable choice. 


But does anyone else feel guilty when they don’t or can’t make the right sustainable choices? So, you forgot your reusable cup at home. Or worse, you lost it. Now someone is going to throw it in the bin and you’ll need to buy a new cup.

 *Internal eco-warrior monologues* “Well that’s just great, that surely can’t be eco-friendly.” 

Or you zip round the supermarket, throwing things in the bag for dinner and only find out the vegetables you got are all from far flung countries you’ve never even been to. 

*same unhelpful eco-warrior moans* “Your carbon-foot-print just went up a couple notches....”


Sustainability guilt. That internal eco-warrior can be a real buzz kill. 


In this brave new world we find ourselves in, maybe lets take a moment to praise our efforts, be gentle with ourselves as we adapt to change and take pleasure in the power we hold to change the small things. 


Don't throw out your sandwich bags, but use them up and anything else you have left in the cupboards!  And maybe next time you need to buy a new roll of cling film, you think of us or you get crafty and make your own! After all a beeswax wrap works in just the same way and lasts a whole year.


We know that one small product might not change the world, but the small changes, the recognising those small victories can. So say no guilt, don't be hard on yourself and thank you for trying.



Love your Hunnies, Sarah & Sarah 


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Thanks to Eddie Kopp for the amazing pic