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About Us

Welcome to the Hunnie Hive! 

We are Sarah & Sarah, two best friends with great names who love crafts, nature, and honey bees.

Hunnie started when Sarah began planning her outdoor, craft-filled wedding, enlisting Maid of Honour Sarah to get making beeswax wraps for the reception guests. The idea has continued to grow and we are so pleased we get to spend more time together, reduce plastic waste and support local urban bee projects. 

At Hunnie we use totally plastic free packaging, recycled paper postal packing, and our ingredients are sustainably sourced locally. Our wraps are made in England by hand and we source our 100% pure cotton from end of line stocks, favouring natural dyes & Oeko-Tex. This keeps our product line in lovely small batches and ever changing designs! 

Some of the projects that we will be committing 5% of all our profits include:

Rewilding Britain

The Bee friendly Trust


Thanks for visiting our site, please feel free to get in touch with us.