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Chevron Jewel Wrap - Medium/Large Pair

Chevron Jewel Wrap - Medium/Large Pair

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Our beeswax wraps are the sustainable alternative for storing food, whether on the go or in the fridge. 

This pack of 2 includes 1 medium wrap measures approximately 25cm x 25cm, and 1 large wrap measuring 33cm x 33cm, with a zigzagged edging. 

Made with breathable 100% cotton, local pure beeswax, food-grade pine resin and antibacterial organic cold pressed jojoba oil. These wraps are washable, and reusable - they should last for around a year, after which they are completely compostable.

In lots of cool prints, our wraps are a positive step towards plastic-free living and if that isn't enough to get you buzzing, they save money on clingfilm and sandwich bags!

Each wrap is made by hand in small batches, so there may be slight variations in colour and finish. 

We make small numbers of each design as we source sustainable cottons that are 'end of line', favouring natural dyes and OekoTex.